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Claire Musters, Devotional and Non-fiction (Books and Magazine/Online Articles) Writer

Claire Musters: Claire Musters

Foundations21: Prayer and Jesus - Ready Writer Mag interviews Claire Musters
I am a freelance writer and editor, mum to two gorgeous young children, pastor's wife, worship leader and school governor. My desire is to help others draw closer to God through my writing, which focuses on marriage, parenting, worship, discipleship, issues facing women today etc.

Through my own journey God has given me a real passion for seeing people set free from the need to hide who they really are. I long for our church communities to be full of people who are able to be honest, vulnerable and authentic.

My books include Taking your Spiritual Pulse, CWR's Insight Guide: Managing Conflict and BRF Foundations21 study guides on Prayer and Jesus. I also write a regular column for Christian Today.

To find out more about me, please visit www.clairemusters.com and @CMusters on Twitter.

Specialist Interests
Worship: I head up our worship team and lead worship using my keyboard and voice. I love going to the theatre, cinema and art galleries.

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Available for...
Radio Interviews
Women's Events

Greater London

checkbox Association of Christian Writers

1st class BA Hons in English and Art.
Introducing the Old Testament and Introducing the New Testament, London Bible College Distance Learning Courses.
I am currently undertaking a two year leadership training course.

Books in Print

Taking Your Spiritual Pulse Taking Your Spiritual Pulse
ISBN: 9780899573779 (Paperback)
AMG Publishers, $7.99 (approx £5.27)
Learning with Foundations21: Prayer Learning with Foundations21: Prayer
ISBN: 9781841016955 (Paperback)
Bible Reading Fellowship, £4.99
Learning with Foundations21: Jesus Learning with Foundations21: Jesus
ISBN: 9781841016924 (Paperback)
Bible Reading Fellowship, £4.99
Insight into Managing Conflict Insight into Managing Conflict
(Waverley Abbey Insight Series)
Co-written with Chris Ledger
ISBN: 9781782591802 (Paperback)
CWR, £8.99

eBooks Published

Insight into Managing Conflict Insight into Managing Conflict
(Waverley Abbey Insight Series)
Co-written with Chris Ledger
ISBN: 9781782592419 (Kindle e-readers)
ISBN: 9781782592402 (Other e-readers)
CWR, £8.99

Books Planned
Taking off the mask: learning to live authentically
Looking into publishers currently so if any are interested please do get in touch...

Other Writing Published
Regular articles in Woman Alive, Liberti, Families First and devotional guides for Day by Day with God, Inspiring Women Every Day and Quiet Spaces.

Taking Your Spiritual Pulse:
Amazon Customer Review

Foundations21: Prayer and Jesus:
Abidemi Sanusi, Ready Writer Mag

Interview: Claire Musters, Author of the Foundations21 Books: Prayer, and Jesus: Ready Writer Mag
Learning with Foundations21: Prayer: BRF Bible Reading Notes

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