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Phil Groom, Blogger, Poet and Short Story Writer

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Phil Groom
Phil Groom is the News Editor and Webmaster for UKCBD, the UK Christian Bookshops Directory, out of which this site, the Christian Writers Directory, emerged. When running these projects isn't keeping him busy he tends to spend his time mowing the vicarage lawn or writing poems, short stories and various other articles, news reports and opinion pieces, mainly about the Christian book trade, the Church of England and mental health. His most recent reporting can usually be found on the Christian Bookshops Blog, christianbookshopsblog.org.uk, whilst his opinion pieces, poetry and short stories can be found on his personal blog, philgroom.wordpress.com.

He's also the founder of 5 Quid for Life, a mental health safety net, which provides emergency financial help for people with mental health difficulties who have fallen through the gaps in the benefits system.

Last but not least, he's bit of a geek who enjoys messing about with Filemaker Pro databases, drinks way too much coffee, loves chocolate (both coffee & chocolate preferably fairtrade) and reads a lot, mostly fantasy and historical/science fiction, with the odd shot of theology thrown in for good measure.

Specialist Interests
Christian Book Trade
Church of England
Mental Health
Website Development

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5 Quid for Life: a mental health safety net
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Skype: phil.h.groom

UK Christian Bookshops Directory: christianbookshops.org.uk
Personal: philgroom.wordpress.com

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Selected Poems (most recent first)
Maundy Thursday and Good Friday: Reflections and Refractions (April 2012)
Screaming inside… (Sept 2009)
Your God is not my God (Sept 2009)
Words (Feb 2009)

Short Stories (most recent first)
Howling at the Moon and a Failed Messiah (April 2011)
Epiphany? Ask the Camel (Jan 2010)
Mum, I've got a problem… (Dec 2009)

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