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Val Fraser, Journalist and Non-fiction (Creative) Writer

Val Fraser

Working behind the scenes with some serious game changers in the Christian world has been a privilege. As Communications Officer for the Diocese of Liverpool I learned a great deal about communications, connections and keeping calm. In the moments when the pressure was off I benefited from ample laughter, genuine warmth and a really good brew! Then national Christian media beckoned me. As the Creative Writer on staff at United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) I was very proud to be part of the successful campaign for national Christian Radio in the UK. I've also worked with Christian Herald, BGEA UK, Samaritans Purse, the Diocese of Manchester, and within the newspaper industry.
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Northwest England

checkbox Association of Christian Writers
Writing Published
Creative non-fiction
I have a blog, two co-written songs published, and have directed and produced several 'music videos' for youtube.
Newspaper and magazine articles, mainly community news, interviews/profile pieces and feature writing.
I have creatively directed and written, sometimes designed, both internal and external communications. This includes press releases, public statements, key note speeches on behalf of senior players, news articles, bulletins, newsletters, supporter publications, annual reports, marketing and fundraising materials, impact reports, fundraising cases for support and web content.

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